Not a bad first day

It’s been an okay start to the new year

Welcome to Twenty Twenty-Two! As 1st of January goes, today hasn’t been a bad day at all. I went to bed after 1 a.m., following an emotional farewell to the old year at midnight. I woke once or twice during the night (Clio cuddles) but managed to sleep again until 7.30 a.m., actually getting up around 8.10 (ish). I put the kettle on, unloaded and re-loaded the dishwasher, and then seized by an urge to be done with Christmas, took down the decorations and packed everything away for another year. I’ve decided that “grown up” Christmas doesn’t work for me. There was no joy in tasteful golds and whites and being “sophisticated”. This was brought home to me tonight, as I walked around the town in the darkness, passing by the accommodation for the elderly, which was plastered with images of Father Christmas being all red and jolly in the windows, and the outside Christmas trees decorated simply with coloured lights. This immediately tapped into my childhood, and brought a wave of nostalgia, and a feeling of family – which to my mind were missing this Christmas.

I did some other jobs and then cooked breakfast. I really haven’t eaten much this past week – being due to a lack of appetite, and in some part due to having a sore mouth. To actually want a cooked breakfast was a breakthrough. I’ve taken the conscious decision not to take Nexium, and haven’t done so since Thursday. I’ve been getting acid reflux today and have been uncomfortable, but on the up-side, I am feeling better in myself. I’ve got more energy, and have felt less anxious. I’ve also started on a mouth wash to help improve my gum health and having looked in the mirror this evening, that’s looking better too. These things are all reassuring to me.

I continue to be in touch with the Samaritans each day. This also helps.

This evening I wrote my first penpal letter of the new year, and walked down to the post office in town to post it. I could have put it in the box on the next street, but alongside No Spend January, I have committed to leaving the house every day – so I had a walk around town in the dark and lights to keep to my commitment. I enjoyed it – both the walking and being out of the house.

Tonight over dinner we caught up with two episodes of The Expanse on Amazon Prime Video, leaving us just two instalments of this season, and of the six series story as a whole. In a minute I will watch Doctor Who on catchup – assuming iPlayer isn’t stuttering again.

I’m feeling reasonably happy with how today has gone. It’s been an okay start to the new year. If the rest of the year continues even at this level, it will be better than the last.