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A life in pieces

Welcome to my website!

A life in pieces is just that – my life presented in pieces via different media. Take all those pieces together and you will view (just about) the whole of me, and my life in Great Britain in the 21st Century.

The components of A Life in Pieces are:

In the past I have struggled to maintain a daily blog (although back in the dim and distant I did once manage it for four years without interruption – but I was young and earnest then). It occurred to me that if I use a variety of ways to communicate with you, I could still provide daily updates, without having to write a blog piece – because sometimes words don’t come easily – even for a writer. Sometimes I will post photos here too.

I hope you find something of interest, and perhaps some commonality. You can comment on my blog posts, reply to my toots and comment on my YouTube videos. You can also drop me an email via the Contact page.

Thanks for stopping by.

One step at a time